The Vediohead team is always looking for passionate individuals looking to do their part in changing the world.

South-East Asia is where we call home.  With a population that is fast approaching 700 million, and filled with many races, religions, cultural norms and practices, this region is an exciting place to be! 

We believe that our workforce should mirror our users and our markets for us to be able to develop the products and services that are needed.

Here are the positions we are currently looking to fill :

job description
  1. to conceive, defend and roll out marketing campaigns
  2. to lead digital marketing initiatives
  3. chart the paths to new territories
  4. help establish, grow and nurture the Vediohead user community
qualities we are looking for
  1. someone who is ok to swim against consensus
  2. yet be a team player when the final decisions are made
  3. pro-active
  4. comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty
  5. at least 2 years of experience in marketing roles
job description
  1. provide real-time support to the production environment
  2. roll out necessary backend changes to meet the latest requirements published by Google Play Store and Apple App Store
  3. roll out backend changes specified in the latest developments from both Android and iOS firmware updates
  4. debug and resolve issues raised from user feedback
  5. troubleshoot system issues raised from the log files
  6. monitor cloud usage through AWS CloudWatch and Cost Explorer
  1. develop new features through collaboration on Bitbucket
  2. build RESTful APIs for the new features to be consumed by the application
  3. deploy and integrate third-party APIs for added functionalities
  4. setting up separate EC2 instances for demos
  5. review code before deployment through Shipit
  6. sync changes between the backend of the application and the frontend
  1. manage MongoDB database queries in terms of scaling needs
  2. revise and optimise code for better battery performance, lower RAM usage and quicker loading times
  3. explore the use of Elastic Beanstalk for scaling
  4. estimate scaling costs through AWS Calculator

we are always on the look-out for eager young minds to help inject new perspective into the team, and the app!

drop us your details, and let us know your periods of availability.