there will be a VHD Coin tied to every Vediohead account.  as a user, once you have filled up the bio-data fields in your account, your VHD Coin will be automatically activated. if you are keen on the VHD Coin, and the service has not been launched in your country yet, you can consider purchasing the VHD Coin on listed crypto exchanges. the usual trading cautionary advice applies here as well.

user privacy is actually our top priority at Vediohead.  in fact, we take care to never ask for your real name, contact details (mobile phone, email, et al) and addresses.   your account information is not stored in a centralised manner - it is deliberately segmented and broken into pieces. your bio-data stored on the blockchain.  your log-in is enabled by your thumb-prints, and that information is stored on your mobile phone. 

however, if you are even more paranoid than we are, you can forego the information sharing part.  you can continue to earn the in-app VED tokens with your social habits.  you can activate your VHD Coin at a later date.

all data that we ask from our users are on an opt-in basis.  if a user decides not to indicate a contact detail for account retrieval in case of loss or theft, then the account will not be accessible by anyone.  not even Vediohead can unlock it.  this is an intentional policy.

to be precise, at the end of our financial year, accountants would work out the net profit.  from that figure, the company, Eightyeight Solutions Pte Ltd, retains 18% of net profit to keep the business growing.  the remaining 82% is divided equally among those who hold VHD Coins.

the VED token is meant purely to be used in the Vediohead in-app economy.  there is no intention to create any conversion programme between the VED token and the VHD Coin.

it is currently available only on iOS.  you will need TestFlight and a registered Apple ID to access Vediohead.

soon!  the team will always roll out the iOS version of Vediohead before the Android version, as the Android version requires more testing and tweaking across mobile devices of differing screen sizes and features.

crashes can happen for a lot of reasons, and the developer team is (always!) working tirelessly to perform vigorous testing and to facilitate a smoother user experience with Vediohead.  we seek your understanding in helping us build a better product!