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It’s always raining somewhere

It’s 9ish on a school day.

And yet, a young man is still out there somewhere in Bedok, going from one closed door to another closed door, selling ‘potong’ ice cream from a very beat up Styrofoam box. Pressing doorbells that probably go unanswered.

A young man, who really should be getting ready for bed, but is still trying to beat back adult cynicism with earnest explanations of why he’s at their doorsteps this late in the night.

A young man who looks so tired, and weary of rejection, but yet, there he stood. But yet, he persisted. What could possibly be chasing him down so hard? I do not know. I did not have the heart to pry open a box that I have not the lid for.

You probably think life’s given you a shitburger. Truth is, you just don’t know how good it is to be you.

It’s 9ish on a work day.