imagine a social network that turns everything you think you know about social networks upside down.  take a look :

Vediohead is a privacy-focused social media platform that converts your purchases, your moments, your civic behaviour and your moments of boredom into digital tokens!

you can accumulate these tokens to bid for something in our rewards programme! from shopping vouchers to mystery travel packages, there is something for everyone!  another thing that is different about Vediohead is that every activated account gets a share in our profit.  Vediohead monetises by selling your anonymised data and allowing advertising on the app.  it is only right that you get a share - after all, it is your data!

that’s the Vediohead promise - a fairer social!

barcode scanner

product barcode scanner

scan everything - from your weekly groceries to that pack of gum from the convenience store.  convert your purchases to VED tokens and use them for the weekly rewards!

public information hub

public information hubs

help your community by posting timely vedio clips of what’s going on in our public information hubs.  after all, who better to inform the neighbourhood about morning MRT platform conditions than someone right there at the moment?

bounty list

Vediohead lets you moderate the content from your fellow users.  we have review bounties from the barcode scans, to the vedios posted on the public information hubs.  there might even be paid surveys that you can participate in!

rewards screen

the vediohead rewards programme

all your VED tokens from the product scans, the public hub vedios and the review bounties can be spent here - the Vediohead rewards programme.  you can only bid on the reward items with VED tokens, and they have no minimum starting, or any reserve pricing.  the reward item sets refresh every week - with bigger rewards every quarter!

beta closed

available soon

iOS users can sign up for a running beta version of Vediohead