vediohead is social chat reimagined

reward system

platforms make a (literal) ton of money from you.  we think it’s about time that the user gets a little something back?  if we have a marketing budget, we might as well spend it on our users.
the more you use vediohead, the faster you earn credits.  credits that go towards tangible rewards.
we promise no lame stuff.  and luck will have no role to play.

social experiment

imagine if you could interact with anyone, anywhere, without needing to share mutual acquaintances,  essentially shedding the constraints of your social reach?
we’re betting that there are enough sociable people out there for this to happen.

social + chat + map

vediohead is what happens when WhatsApp gets molested by Facebook & Google Maps (sorry to steal your  reference, Kurt Cobain).
we want to turn strangers into friends. we want you to explore your surroundings.  Maybe even lend a helping hand, if that’s your thing.
most importantly, we want you to step out of your own echo chambers.
designed in SEA








arriving    2017

iOS    Android

meet the folks behind vediohead


terence tee, founder
concept, ui/ux, marketing
after spending years in banks, multinationals and government, tt decided that perhaps wage slavery isn’t his scene.  he decided he could do far worse, and became self-employed in 2013.  he dreamt up the concepts behind vediohead during a design exercise 2 years ago.  he’s been chasing it since.


kenny leong, founding member
web, backend
kenny likes thinking. a lot.  he is crazy enough to think vediohead is a great idea.  he doesn’t know what he got himself into.  he’s probably tinkering with the website right now, as you’re reading this.

we know the tech sector has a diversity issue to deal with.  we can’t fix that.  but we can do things right with vediohead.  so if you like what you have seen so far and want to talk to us about joining the vediohead team, drop us a line at . we have so many exciting things in store. that is a promise.

hey! drop us a line if you think we are onto something big.  we will keep you posted on key developments of the app.  and you would be the first to be notified when vediohead is ready for download.  you can also follow our developments in our blog.