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hyper localisation

vediohead is a social chat app that focuses on hyperlocal interactions.  now you can chat and share social moments with people in the same area as you!

what is going on here?

find out what is going on where you are right now (or even where you are going to be) - from weather, to traffic conditions, and even subway station

come for the fun! stay for the swag!

bid for weekly epic swag with credits you get from using the app.  the more you use vediohead, the more credits you get.  now, who said there is no such thing as a free lunch?


social activity feed
social activity feed
public chat channels
public chat channels
user incentives
user incentives
arriving 2017 for iOS and Android

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we believe in fairplay. we believe in diversity. we believe in the talent we have here. we believe that it is south east asia’s time to shine. we believe that vediohead is a game changer, and we are going to need all the help we can get.

terence tee

terence tee


concept, UI/UX, marketing

after spending years in banks, multinationals and government, tt decided that perhaps wage slavery isn’t his scene.  he decided he could do far worse, and became self-employed in 2013.  he dreamt up the concepts behind vediohead during a design exercise 2 years ago.  he’s been chasing it since.

kenny leong

kenny leong

founding member

backend, web, desktop

kenny likes thinking. a lot.  he is crazy enough to think vediohead is a great idea.  he doesn’t know what he got himself into.  he’s probably tinkering with the website right now, as you’re reading this.

yuna yamada

yuna yamada



some say she does not need an iota of sleep. some say she lives and breathes code. some say sleep is actually debug mode for her. all we know is yuna is extremely driven.


start-ups are great, aren’t they? they are fun, exciting, and (some start-ups) make you feel like you’re a part of something that could be potentially world changing. they say it’s hipper now to say you’re in a start-up than to be a banker. however, that is just half the story though.

start-ups are also tough, underpaying, overworking environments. they test your work ethics, your personal motivations and your resolve to the brink. you will most definitely drown in work. and that notion of work life balance is just wishful thinking. statistically, there is a 47% chance (in Singapore) that all that time and effort could be for nothing at all.

still, if you are undeterred by the odds, we are looking for a few more people; people who are foolish, dogged, and passionate. these are traits that cannot be taught. for everything else, there’s always google. and maybe udemy.


areas of expertise:
• customer service
• conflict resolution

really, really, really,
really likes people.
all types of people.
even assholes.


areas of expertise:
• marketing
• public relations
• digital marketing


• MEAN stack
• Javascript
• Node.js
• AWS hosting


• React Native
   mobile app
   platforms for both
   iOS and Android
• GIMP or
• API integrations


areas of exposure:
• marketing
• coding
• administration
• product design

contact to speak to us about the positions above. if you don’t have the required skillset, but still want to try, no one is going to stop you but yourself. (but you better have a good story)

designed in SEA


Slowly, but surely…

From the chaos of the last few months, we’ve emerged with ….PROGRESS! After all the user surveys, the (subsequent) re-working, the (inevitable) heart attacks, I suppose it’s a miracle that we are all still very much looking forward to the completion of the alpha build! Now….back to more hard graft.      

It’s always raining somewhere

It’s 9ish on a school day. And yet, a young man is still out there somewhere in Bedok, going from one closed door to another closed door, selling ‘potong’ ice cream from a very beat up Styrofoam box. Pressing doorbells that probably go unanswered. A young man, who really should be getting ready for bed, […]

The focus…

…should always be on the finishing line. What most people don’t realise though, is that it’s not a 100m sprint. It is a marathon.